Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to "Cat"ify Your Home

Cats are interesting and social creatures but they love to have their own space.  You can bring out your cats personality and help them have happier lives by making a few simple changes in your home.

1.  Provide lots of resting spaces
We all know cats love to nap, but what they love even more is to nap in a comfortable secure place.  Giving them a special bed with sides and is elevated off the floor is sure to make your cat purr with delight.  This can be as simple as a cardboard box with a fleece blanket, a cat carrier with the top taking off or as fancy as a cat tree with multiple resting spaces.  Be sure to provide one space for each cat in the home and remember to think vertically!

2.  Provide a food and water bowl for each cat
Cats are social and will sometimes enjoy spending time with their friends, but they really like to have their own stuff.  Imagine if you had to share your plate or water glasses with someone else in your home!  It is just an unpleasant for your cat as you can imagine it would be for you and can set your cats up to compete with each other or block access to food or water from each other.

3.  Provide a bathroom for each cat in the house plus one
Again cats don’t like to share their stuff and the bathroom is something they would prefer to have to themselves.  Having a litterbox for each cat in the home plus one extra means the chances of a cat making their own bathroom some place you find unpleasant less likely

4.  Scratching Posts
Cats need to scratch it is their way of leaving post its to let the other cats in the home know what is going on.  If you provide your cats with a centrally located message board that is appealing in a few areas around the house they will be less likely to turn your sofa or favorite chair into one.

5.  Feliway
All cats experience some stressors in life just as we do.  The problem is often times it is hard for us to identify what is upsetting them and many times they are upset by the tiniest things.  To decrease your cats ups and downs in life we can remove what stresses them if we can identify it OR we can use a little plug in that gives off a happy cat scent.  Feliway is a great product and can help to make your home a happier place for your cat.

Article written by:
Lorene Rockwell, DVM
Formerly of Wolf Merrick Animal Hospital


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